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SW Aviator Feb/Mar 2001
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SWAV Update
Aviation related news from around the Southwest

Do you have news items of interest to the Southwest’s general aviation community? Submit them to: Submissions will be run as space permits and may be edited for length and style. E-mails or disks and digital photos receive preference.


A new aviation flying club and pilot and general aviation bulletin board has been created to allow pilots and people interested in flying and sharing expenses as allowed by FAA Regulation 61-113 to be able to post their wishes and contact other members. It is free for 90 days.
Visit for more.


Two years ago, when Power Flow Systems announced STC approval for all 180 hp Mooneys, they received quite a few phone calls from 200 hp owners asking for their own version of a Power Flow Tuned Exhaust. It has arrived. The FAA recently approved the exhaust system upgrade for Mooney models M20 E, F, and J, in the class of 200 horsepower.

The Power Flow installation provides a number of performance enhancements: engine efficiency is improved, fuel savings are realized at the same cruise speeds, oil temperatures remain lower during climb and the rate of climb can see an increase of up to 15 percent. What will mean the most to Mooney pilots is a max speed gain of 6.5 knots at 11,500 feet. At normal cruise there is an increase of 4.5 knots and a savings of 1.3 gallons of fuel per hour.

For more information contact the company at 386-253-8833, or visit their website at


In a move that means pilots using Mac OS X can now have access to pilot logging software designed specifically for their system, Coradine Software introduced LogTen Pro and LogTen Express, the next major release of its pilot logbook software. Developed in conjunction with senior pilots and flight instructors, LogTen Pro includes an extremely versatile “smart” filtering system that can be completely customized giving one click access to each pilot’s specific logging requirements.

LogTen Pro is available now through Coradine. Download and test the application free for a trial period before committing to buy at $89. LogTen Express is also available at $39.

Coradine’s experienced engineers has been developing applications for Macintosh since 1992, and have a proven track record of bring exceptional products to market for over 12 years. Founded in 2000 by engineer and graphic designer Noah Lieberman, Coradine continues to lead the industry in providing high quality software for the Macintosh platform.

Get more information at 250-354-1135, or at


A children’s charity is flying high after receiving a $6,000 donation from Phoenix, Ariz.-based Cutter Aviation.

The Children’s Angel Flight network provides no-cost or reduced-rate patient travel services for child patients and their families in need of travel for medical reasons.

Cutter Aviation hosted its second annual charity golf tournament at the Legacy Golf Resort in November, and later presented the charity with a $6,000 check signed by President Will Cutter. Some 128 golfers participated in the event, and Cutter customers played at no cost in appreciation for their patronage.

“We’re proud to be involved in such a worthwhile effort,” Will Cutter said. “This is a wonderful way to give back to a charity that is using aviation to help children and families in need.”

Also contributing to the event were M&I Bank, Conoco-Phillips 66, Wells Fargo, Acordia In-Flight Services, and Rodehouse.
For more information, call 480-924-0690.


Plans for the upcoming Mothers Day Fly-In, to be held on May 7th and 8th, 2005, have generated a great deal of excitement throughout the town of Eureka, NV.

Because of Eureka's remote location in north central Nevada, the airport is an essential part of the community. Many citizens feel that the airport is as necessary to the town as Eureka's only highway, US 50.

Early in 2004, community leaders decided to host a Mothers Day Fly-In event. Plans were hastily put in place to feature the airport, with the focus to be directed on making the event a community affair. The two day affair was a resounding success both with fly-in participants and locals. As a result, Eureka has made a commitment to make the Fly-In an annual event.

To learn more, call 775-237-6100.


The Curtiss-Wright Wiley Post Hangar, Inc., at Oklahoma City, recently announced their creation of the Wiley Post Commission.

According to Executive Director Bob Kemper, “The purpose of the commission is to establish an annual award which gives national and interanational recognition to an individual in General Aviation, who best exemplifies the engineering and innovative pioneering spirit of Wiley Post. In particular, to someone who hasn’t the financial support of either the government, or of a large corporate backer.”

“Too often achievements in General Aviation or Sport Aviation are not recognized because they are an individual’s effort and these pilots and builders don’t have the media apparatus to make their endeavors know,” Kemper added.

The Commission’s selection committee consists of long time aviation professionals, amateur aircraft builders, pilots and a former astronaut.
Call Bob Kemper at 405-943-9732 to learn more.


The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is opening the door for aviation’s next generation by offering its 2005 scholarship awards, valued at more than $250,000. Applications for these scholarships, grants, and internship programs are now being accepted through March 30, 2005.

These scholarships are offered to students studying or planning to study in various aviation programs at accredited post-secondary schools. Some scholarships are outright grants, while others include valuable flight time and real-world experience in the aviation field.

Complete information, including on-line registration, for the EAA scholarship program is available at Details of the various scholarships are posted at that website. There is no charge to apply for any EAA scholarship, which is open to all EAA members or students recommended by a current EAA member.

EAA also welcomes additional support for its scholarship program, which has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of young people over the past 20 years. More information is available through EAA’s Development Office at 800-236-1025.

EAA, The Leader in Recreational Aviation, is an international association with 170,000 members and 1,000 local Chapters. To join EAA or for more information on EAA and its programs, call 800-JOIN-EAA (800-564-6322) or go to


Owners, Bob Watson and Barbara Stansfield, recently announced the opening of The Plane Store located at 701 W. Deer Valley Road, Suite 8, in Phoenix, Arizona. This very unique store is one of its kind in Arizona. It combines a variety of aviation hardware, aircraft owners’ items, pilot supplies, and aviation gift novelty items. “We are very excited about our store. We have a great location right across the street from Deer Valley Airport and we are eager to provide all aircraft owners and aviation enthusiast with their aviation needs,” said Barbara.

In addition to aviation hardware, The Plane Store has a varied selection of aviation toys and gift items, aviation apparrel, aircraft maintenance and cleaning items, and pilot supplies. Bob and Barbara look forward to meeting you and they can be reached at 623-581-5700 for any questions you may have.


Aircraft Components Company, Inc. (ACC), of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Turbine Aircraft Components, Inc. (TAC), of Addison, Texas, announced the merger of the two companies effective immediately. The merged companies will operate under the name of Aircraft Components Company and will be headquartered in Tulsa. Until a General Manager is appointed, the new company will be jointly managed by Mary Pat Barnes, formerly President of ACC, and Tom Berscheidt, formerly President of TAC.

Aircraft Components Company is an FAA Approved Repair Station No. C43R376N specializing in the repair and overhaul of aircraft components. Turbine Aircraft Components is a parts supplier with an extensive inventory of new and used parts for a variety of general aviation aircraft. Separately, ACC and TAC are well known in the industry and especially among the MU-2 community.

The merger of the two companies will help to ensure the availability of a wide variety of reliable, high-quality certified parts for business and general aviation aircraft operators.

For further information contact either Mary Pat Barnes, Aircraft Components Company, at 918-835-8838, or Tom Berscheidt, Turbine Aircraft Components, at 972-248-3108.


The Belen Alexander Municipal Airport recently completed a new runway lighting project. The project installed new runway lights, new end of runway lights and new runway/taxiway guidance signs, bringing the airfield lights and guidance signs up to FAA standards. Mike Halpin, manager of the airport, says the $250,000 project will provide pilots with improved lighting and guidance, resulting in safer flight operations at the airport. The airfield lighting system includes a radio lighting controller that allows pilots to turn the airfield lights on from their cockpit when approaching the airport at night.

The project is the first in a series of airport improvement projects that include construction of a new crosswind runway scheduled to be built in 2006. The runway and other airport improvements will serve as a catalyst for attracting new business to the airport and the economic development of the surrounding communities. The improvements will allow heavier aircraft, such as business jets, to use the airport, making the airport more attractive to businesses that need an airport close by to meet their transportation needs.

According to Halpin, as the next closest airport to the Albuquerque area, beyond Double Eagle II Airport on Albuquerque’s west side, Belen’s Alexander Municipal Airport is expected to grow to meet the ever-increasing aviation needs of the Greater Albuquerque metropolitan area. “The future looks exciting here,” Halpin said.

For more information, contact Mike Halpin 505-864-4302.


24 Years of the RV-ator is a 420 page book which is viewed by Van’s aircraft as an important addendum to the manual and construction plans. It contains every technical article from past issues of the bi-month builder’s and pilot’s newsletter, the RV-ator. Each article is accurately reproduced, with photos and drawings, and then re-arranged to follow the same sequence as you build, test, and fly an RV. It is every article ever written on building the empennage, wings, fuselage, finishing, electrical, engine installation, panel, props, etc. There is a complete chapter on all those neat tips and tools, another on performance and CG issues, and another on basic and sport flying techniques in RVs.

These are indepth articles written by Van and Van’s technical staff explaining how the airplane goes together and works as it does. For the RV builder; no more searching through stacks of torn up newsletters. Every past article is now easy to find and at your fingertips. For those considering an RV project, there is no better way to discover exactly what you’re in for.

24 years of the RV-ator is available from the Builder’s Bookstore on-line catalog at or from Builder’s Bookstore by phone at 800-780-4115.

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