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SW Aviator Feb/Mar 2001
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The Auger Inn
Ogden, Utah
Story and photos by William White

Tucked up against the western edge of the Wasatch Mountains, and conveniently outside the Salt Lake City Class B Airspace, is Ogden-Hinkley Airport. Heralded as the “Best Li’l Airport in the West,” OGD has multiple runways with instrument approaches and a tower staffed by some of the friendliest controllers you will ever meet. Two FBOs offer full service and fuel prices that often reflect a friendly “gas war.” Ogden will be host to several events in the 2002 Winter Olympics and the airport will be real busy. So, if you plan to attend, it would be a good idea to check out Ogden before the onset of the games.

The City of Ogden realizes what an asset the Ogden-Hinkley Airport is to the community. The planned expansion and improvements reflect that attitude. The terminal building has been remodeled and houses a Budget Car Rental outlet, as well as the Auger Inn. This little restaurant is reason enough to stop at OGD if you are passing through the area or in search of a $100 Burger.

The Auger Inn is located in the terminal building and is open seven days a week from 7am to 3pm. From a table by the windows, visual entertainment is provided by landing traffic and a steady parade of planes taxing in front of the terminal. At certain times, the F-16s and C-130s pass overhead on their approach to Hill Air Force Base. The local aviation enthusiasts, some who flew in W.W.II, often fill one of the larger tables and can provide some great auditory entertainment. In spite of the cyclical busy moments, the service is good and the staff is friendly. The dining area is always spotless. The owner comes from a family with 30 years experience in the food service business and it shows. He knows what he is doing. The menu is standard breakfast and lunch fare with a little twang of Southwest. The hot cakes cover a dinner plate. The sweet rolls are a meal by themselves. The house specialty is their Augeritta, a cross between a burrito and an enchilada. This little gem alone is worth the stop. Having spent a good bit of time in pursuit of the $100 Burger, I have found the prices to be nothing short of a bargain. A stack of hot cakes is $3.05. A burger runs $3.00. The Augeritta is a bargain at $4.75. Portions are huge.

Getting into the Ogden-Hinkley Airport is easy. By approaching from the north, you can avoid Salt Lake Approach and the Class B Airspace. If you are coming from the south, being cleared through the Bravo Airspace is quite easy. If you have not been to the area before, spend a few minutes with the Salt Lake City VFR Terminal Area Chart and then take a tour of the Great Salt Lake. Much of the lake can be seen from outside the Bravo Airspace, but you will need a Mode C transponder. The area can get busy, so it is a good idea to contact Salt Lake Approach and have them assign you a squawk code.

If the traffic is light and you need to let lunch settle before you get back in the air, the folks in the contract control tower will give you a tour if you use the call box at the base of the tower. If you have never seen controllers in action, this can be an eye-opening experience. This opportunity, combined with the Auger Inn, makes OGD worth a diversion if you are anywhere close. Take a second and tell the folks at the Auger Inn where you heard about them. The phone number at the Auger Inn is 801-334-9790.

William White is a 1200 hr private pilot who has written several pilot guidebooks. The Santa Fe Trail by Air and The Oregon, California and Mormon Trails by Air are available from Western Airtrails at 888-755-0330 and at www.
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