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SW Aviator Feb/Mar 2001
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Fabela's Restaurant - Midland, Texas
Mooney M-20E at St. George

Story and photos by Jay Wischkaemper

Mention FBO food, and the typical image that is generated is the vending machine with its delectable snack crackers and chips. The term “FBO restaurant” is pretty much an oxymoron. We discovered in Midland, Texas however, that the two can not only coexist, they can thrive.

Located inside the Avion FBO at Midland International is Fabela’s Restaurant. I know it’s a restaurant for two reasons. First, that’s what their business card says, and second, they serve real food. Absent those two points, you could easily miss this place. Fabela’s is a small eatery tucked in the corner or the newly remodeled facility, but don’t let the size fool you. The quality of the food has no relation to the size of the facility. When we say small however, we do mean small. The kitchen, to which you walk up to the door to place your order, is about a 15-foot square affair. The seating area proper consists of three tables, but when the place is full, which it was when I was there at lunch, you may feel free to park yourself anyplace in the spacious FBO facility to enjoy your meal (there are plenty other tables that are not part of the restaurant facility per se).

And enjoy you will. The food, from what I’ve eaten and from what I’ve seen, is first class. Another nice thing is that it isn’t hard to make a decision about what to eat. The menu is simple. In fact, it’s printed on a white board beside the door. If you’re there at breakfast, you can get pancakes, a breakfast platter consisting of eggs, meat, hash browns and toast, a breakfast burrito, huevos rancheros, an omelet, or a large home made cinnamon roll. At $3.75, the breakfast platter is a bargain. The $1.50 burritos aren’t bad either. Come lunchtime, the menu is a bit more limited. You can eat the lunch special, which changes daily, order a lunch burrito, or you can get a hamburger. About half the time, the special is a Mexican affair. On Friday, it’s fish. In between, it’s whatever chef Raymundo Zamora wants to fix. Suffice it to say that whatever it is, it’s doubtful you could go wrong. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking at the menu trying to decide what you want. With the special coming in at under $6, even the prices are good.

Fabela’s also delivers food to your plane. Simply call Avion to request your airborne fare, and they take it from there (800-759-3359 or Unicom 122.95). The actual catering food is prepared at the Midland air terminal, but the friendly folks at Fabela’s see that it gets delivered to you promptly and efficiently. Personally, I think I’d opt to just get the daily special to go. It’s probably better food.

Being an oil town, Midland boasts some of the best airplane watching around. The day we were there, the ramp was full of jets. They graciously allowed our Bellanca and one Bonanza to join them. Just around the corner from Avion is the Commemorative Air Force Museum. If you’ve never seen this excellent facility, it’s well worth a visit. If you’re not into walking to the museum, you can taxi right up to it. Avion also has a courtesy car they’ll be glad to loan you.

So if it’s breakfast or lunch time on your next cross-country, or if you’re just looking for a place to fly where the food is good, reasonable, and convenient and the folks are great, plan a stop at Avion in Midland. The best FBO food around.

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